There are various mobile marketing strategies that you can utilize with your mobile blogs. The kind that you think is going to work well with your business is going to depend on your target audience, industry, and your budget.

They include the following:
App-based marketing
It is mobile marketing that involves apps. While most of the time, people use mobiles they are on apps. There is no need for you to create your app to advertise. You can utilize the already available services in the market to help in designing mobile ads that will appear in third-party mobile apps.
Facebook is one place you can use as it allows advertisers to come up with ads that can be integrated into the Facebook app. The mobile promoted ads by Facebook tend to seamlessly integrate with the feeds from Facebook news, at times making users not to realize that they are gazing at an ad.
Marketing using in-game mobile
It refers to mobile ads, which you will see appearing while the game is being played. The ingame mobile can appear as full-page image ads, banner pop-ups, or video ads that appear in between loading screens.
The QR codes
They are normally scanned by the users where the QR takes them to particular pages where the code is attached. The codes are aligned with the gamification of mobile, having a mystery element in them. It makes the users scan them not to know what they are going to view on the page attached to the QR code.
Location-based marketing
They are ads that appear on a mobile device because of the location where the user is. Some advertisers prefer their ads only to be viewed by users who are within a certain distance from where their businesses are located – like maybe 1 mile.

Types of mobile marketing strategies
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