Presentations require patience, practice and a lot of concise information on the subject. Without a proper research, you can never present a quality demonstration even if you have practiced the low quality content a lot. You might be able to show confidence but will never be able to add value to your content if you have not properly created the content after research. Presentations which are about laws and regulations are more specific and cannot bear any kind of fluff in them and that is why it is difficult to create content for such presentations when you have particular boundaries to adhere to.

What you should not do!
On the internet, you will find a number of articles on how to present perfectly and what things you should do in order to create a good presentation but there is very less information available on things that you should avoid in order to get to a point where excellent presenters are. When you are presenting, you should keep following things in your mind and should try to avoid them as much as possible.

• Do not use tough vocabulary, jargons and other technical terms if majority of your audience is not aware of those
• Do not give presentation without practice, never!
• Do not create the presentation from scratch and use timeline template for powerpointunless you are very expert in presentation work
• Do not make your slides in such a way that they differ with each other a lot in formatting
• Do not add too much content on single slide
• Do not use clip art without any purpose

Using the correct template is very important, you cannot pick a template and put it in use for any purpose. There are always specific templates available for specific business and job presentations and you should always select the right one. For instance, 2020 calendar template can be used in a lot of different presentations.

Things to avoid during a presentation
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