Most of the people who drive a vehicle in the world want to drive a Ferrari. The emotions you have are indescribable. Firstly, because the person who does it is aware that he is a privileged person, since there are very few people in the world who have the opportunity to drive one.

Secondly, having at your disposal a jewel of the motor industry is a unique experience, since it is known to all that the manufacture of each vehicle is against order and the number of vehicles per model is limited, so again the person who drives one of these vehicles is privileged.
If you want to buy a Ferrari, you must be aware that it takes more than money. They are extremely expensive, as is their maintenance. So driving one of them is not an easy task.
But if you reside, are on vacation or are on business for Dubai, or in any of the countries that belong to the United Arab Emirates, you have the opportunity to drive a Ferrari. How? Renting it out.
Rotanastar is the largest car rental company in Dubai. The wide range of vehicles they offer for rent ranges from the most economical, SUVs, rustic, luxurious and sports. Among the latter are the extraordinary Ferrari.
For a rate well below that of any car rental company in the world, you can rent ferrari dubai and give yourself the opportunity to drive a Ferrari 488 GTB with an engine supercharged by a biturbo system that reaches 340 km / h; or a Ferrari 458 Spider that has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds and its maximum speed is 325 km / h.
Or why not, a Ferrari 488 Spider with the brand’s most powerful V8 engine, reaching a speed of 200 km / h in just 9 seconds. Amazing, right?
If you are on vacation in Dubai and want to have a totally different and unprecedented day, do not hesitate to contract the Ferrari rental Dubai service that Rotana Star offers. It is the most reliable and complete service of Ferrari rent a car Dubai. Do not let them say it to you.

The most reliable and complete service of Ferrari rent a car Dubai