Most people think that arousal process for males is linked only to the penis and nothing else. This is a totally wrong approach and before you learn about the causes of erectile dysfunction, it is important to learn the mechanism of arousal in men. In men, it is not possible to get an arousal if all of the below-mentioned things are working in collaboration. Your brain, hormones, emotions, blood vessels and muscles all play an extremely important role in the proper erection of your penis. You cannot expect a fully erected penis without the proper functioning of these things. Once you get a proper erection, it becomes possible for you to get the right level of satisfaction from sex. In this article, we will discuss the different causes which are responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. You should try to avoid these triggers, and this would be the only way then to avoid this problem.

If you face problem in any of the above-mentioned things, you might get erectile dysfunction and it would then be extremely important to get it cleared before it is too late. Most people think that erection problems are bound to happen at older ages, however this is not a complete truth. We have a lot of good examples where people were able to enjoy good and quality sex even after their fifties and this was possible only because they took care of their sexual health and diet throughout their lives. If you keep an eye on the causes of erectile dysfunction and research about the online, you will understand the importance of proper erection and you will never put it at risk. In this article, we will talk about the causes of this problem, which can be in the shape of physical causes and psychological and mental cause.

Some people ignore the physical causes of erectile dysfunction and when the problem arises, they start the medication for psychological issues. In these conditions, it is wise to consult a doctor and check the vigrx plus results before you take anything. Physical causes might include historic issues, or the newly developed problems related to:

• Clogged blood vessels
• Cardiovascular issues
• Tobacco intake
• Sleep issues especially insomnia
• Substance abuse and alcohol consumption
• Prostate cancers
• Obesity – one of the biggest causes

If you think that you do not have any of the physical conditions, you should get checked first and after making it sure you should check for the psychological reasons which can be any of the following:

• Depression and anxiety – it causes the muscles not to do their respective jobs
• Relationship issues affecting your sexual life
• Marital issues resulting in poor coordination
• Stress – related to any matters of life

You should keep an eye on these causing agents because if it is a temporary issue, you can control the problem through simple tactics and tricks. You might not be in a need to take any medication, if the problem is temporary in nature and you can remove the causing agents from your life.

Psychological and physical causes of erectile dysfunction
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