Bitcoin btc is a way of making investments, or a method of receiving as payment for a service. You can buy them at exchange houses by canceling it with a bank transfer and dispose of them through a digital wallet that you can use on your computer or your cell phone.

Currently, you can use buy bitcoin to cancel goods and services, since you can find many commercial premises with the bitcoin logo, thus indicating that they accept that means of payment.
Supply and demand are determining factors in the bitcoin exchange rate; the exchange houses are in charge of placing the different offers to buy and sell without limit.
The most important cryptocurrency is bitcoin, this tends to have a greater tendency when buying, compared to other currencies, it almost always predominates 60% over the others, which means that it is limited in the market, increasing well its value.
As Bitcoin is the most important cryptocurrency within the entire market (at the time of writing this article, Bitcoin presents a predominance of 57.8% within the entire cryptocurrency market), its price is one of the main indicators for the rest of currencies rise or fall in correlation with FIAT currencies. Being even more important, then, to study how the exchange rate that Bitcoin can have within the market is calculated.
Markets determine trends through supply and demand, that is, through the interest of buying or selling an object. If the market is very interested in acquiring a certain object and said object is limited, the price of the said object will increase. It is what we call a demand higher than the existing offer in the market.
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Know the factors that influence the bitcoin exchange rate
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