Leather seats add a sophisticated, classy touch to your car, but if not properly taken care of, these same leather seats can ruin the outlook of your car. So how do you go about preventing your leather seats from cracking due to brutal winter months? The following are some suggestions offered by the leather car seat repair shop.

• Use a soft bristle attachment on the vacuum to vacuum your seats so that you get rid of any loose dirt, debris, and dust without having to scratch your car seats.
• Clean your leather seats using a damp towel and a cleanser that is classified as a professional grade to keep them conditioned. You have to ensure you avoid using cheap cleaners or strong soaps with harsh cleaners made with glossing agents, petroleum, or silicone oils as they can cause long term damage.
• Ensure your leather seats are conditioned using a high-quality solution that is water based that has a balanced pH. Use the applicator and conditioner to soften and extend the seat’s life.
• Avoid the sun as it tends to dry the leather surface out, including the steering wheel, as well as the dashboard. Using a wind screen and sun shield, you can minimize direct exposure to light if you have to park outside in extreme conditions of heat for a long period.
• Take care of the drinks and food in your car. They have the potential of ruining your seats, so ensure you clean up immediately, there is a spill or a drip on your leather seats.
• Ensure you have a microfiber cloth that you can use to wipe drips or debris off your leather seats immediately. Microfiber clothes tend to be delicate, which helps to moisturize and clean effectively in the interior.
• Keep sharp, bulky objects off your seats. Pet carriers, tools, toys, and other items can easily destroy the seats, especially if you place them directly on the seats.

How to prevent auto interior leather from cracking
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