Canada offers an investment-based immigration program that provides permanent residence status to the investors. These migrants can enjoy the healthcare benefits; educational benefits; and even retirement benefits in Canada. Business Immigration program is for business people like Self-employed individuals, Business Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Business visitors. These streams will have many sub-programs for themselves. Most of the self-employed people with limited net worth are willing to migrate to canada from dubai to expand their businesses. Some business people can also become permanent residents of Canada by applying through any other suitable program.

Canada’s start-up visa program for Entrepreneurs
Essential Requirements for a start-up visa application
• You can apply both as an individual or group of persons involved in a business
• The total persons who can apply as owners of the business should be a maximum of 5
• Each person should hold the voting rights of at least 10 percentages of the total business shares
• If you are applying alone as the owner, you should hold a total of 50 percentages of the total share
• You should be actively involved in the operations of the business while you are in Canada
• You should start and run the business in Canada
• At least the main operations of the business should take place inside the Canadian boundary
Supporting Requirements for a start-up visa application
• Apart from the above essential requirements, you should also provide or possess some other documents and abilities to get approved for a Canadian start-up visa. Some of them are listed below.
• You should get a letter of support from any of the willing investors for your business
• They can be Angel investors, Venture Capitalists, etc.
• You should show that you have enough money to settle you and your family up in Canada
You should pass in the language tests in either English or French

Business and Startup visa requirements for migration to Canada
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