Orlin Alexiev has usually had an interest in law and politics. This is why why he is behind several historic political events as they was aware of many laws and regulations and efficiencies. His attitude was distinctive from others inside much perception which produced some fantastic Orlin Alexiev (Орлин Алексиев) opportunities to drop in his profession.


What is the reason for SOPF?

With the agreement of Sofia Municipal Council, SOPF also referred to as Specialized City Privatization Fund was formed. This kind of organization consists of fourteen people who are collectively referred to as governors who are headed by a chairman. Their main objective is to gather money whenever any city and county property is privatized. Their particular only tasks are to procedure towards obtaining the money from your property so it helps in rewarding the necessary functions like development projects with no disputes on the budget as well as financial position. Another group is created to help make the amendments for that funds which fulfill full functionalities that are pointed out in their suggestions.

Orlin Alexiev and Sofia Metropolis Council

Composed of more than 50 councils, Orlin Alexiev (Орлин Алексиев) is one of them who have worked very hard to meet the expectation of the locals in each and every situation exactly where they have sensed alone. No matter, what the concern is Sofia City Local authority or council has worked truly so that they may help the locals in every way you can. Orlin Alexiev has obtained a very popular name among the additional councils while he has done a little more than the others. Whether it was a rally or building a meeting, he’s been an energetic part of everything.

By viewing his excitement, he has been endowed with a few very important jobs that were carried out as expected through him. It is only because of him or her that this council has been able to achieve a few impossible cash. To raise funds, certain plans were released so that individuals could become aware of this finance.

Adapting to the needs of younger generation: Orlin Alexiev (Орлин Алексиев)
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